Nestled between the sea and Sardinian nature, Cone Club invites you to an exclusive experience. Discover the stunning seaside location, an unpretentious but exquisite beach cuisine, and finest drinks and cocktails while relaxing to popular vibes.

Close to the sea.
Even closer to magic.

In its stunning seafront location in Baja Sardinia, Cone Club Offers magnificent views across the crystal clear sea to the horizon and breathtaking sunsets.

The Cone Club is part of the luxurious 7Pines Resort Sardinia in Baja Sardinia and is accessible by land and sea via its own pier.
To 7Pines Resort Sardinia


11 am to 1 am

By land:

Località Mucchi Bianchi, Baja Sardinia

By sea:

41°07'47.8"N 9°28'08.3"E
A group of tents on a beach near the sea with stunning seafront views at Cone Club, 7Pines Resort Sardinia in Baja Sardinia, located at Localit?
Breathtaking seafront view of the Cone Club at 7Pines Resort Sardinia in Baja Sardinia, with stunning sea and building lights
Beach & Sunbeds

Life is better with sand between your toes.

Lean back. Soak in the surroundings: Blindingly bright sand. The scent of Mediterranean herbs. The shimmering sea. Every Moment is perfect at Cone Club’s beach with its daybeds and sun loungers. But you can still top it all off with dishes and drinks …

Services & Prices    Book your Sunbed
A man and woman sitting on a comfortable couch with a picturesque view of the sea and beach atmosphere. Enjoy the perfect moment at Cone Club's beach with its daybeds and sun loungers.
A group of people relaxing on sunbeds at Cone Club's beach, surrounded by blindingly bright sand and the shimmering sea

Date with felicity.

Cone Club is everything for your perfect day and a night to remember. Both can be booked here.
A man and woman sitting on a couch at Cone Club, enjoying their perfect day and night. ReservationsDate with filicity. Both can be booked here.
A group of people sitting at a table in Cone Club, ReservationsDate with filicity. Both can be booked here.
A woman sitting on a rock, enjoying the picturesque view of the water

Stay tuned

Join the Cone Club and be the first to be informed about news and special events.


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